About Us

My name is Gary Waterhouse; managing director of Southend Tradespeople Limited. I create keyword targeted websites that appear on the first page of Google.

Throughout the last 15 years I have created dozens of websites and optimised even more, and in that time I have seen various examples of customers being ripped off by ‘rogue traders’ on the internet. So I decided to try and do something about it by creating www.southendtradespeople.co.uk – a website that gives customers 3 free quotes from Vetted & Approved tradespeople based in Southend-on-Sea.

The site covers 20 trades, and for each of those trades I have researched and found 3 of the best companies/sole traders in Southend. I spent 1000’s of hours researching the internet to find who I consider to be “the best there is for those trades”. After finding the appropriate tradespeople I phoned them up and offered my proposal of working together, they were then Vetted & Approved as one of my members.

Business Directory With A Difference

Southend Tradespeople is a business directory with a difference, because the tradespeople are not listed on the website; when the enquiry comes in it is forwarded to the 3 tradespeople for that trade, they then contact the customer and give them a free quote. The reason why we operate like this is because we give our visitors 3 quotes for their enquiry, so it’s easier to send one enquiry to get 3 quotes, than send 3 enquiries to get 3 quotes. 

Where the quotes are concerned; they should be lower than other quotes you may of received, because I only charge my members an all inclusive price of just £10 per lead, unlike other directories that charge up to £80 per lead, and in some cases they charge 5% of the price of the job as well. On top of that, other directories charge a fee to join the website, plus the tradespeople are committed to those sites for 12 months, whereas I don’t charge any of those fees and the tradespeople are not committed to a contract, if they want to leave the site they simply stop paying the £100 for their next 10 leads.

Thank you for reading the About Us page, and I look forward to receiving your enquiry in due course