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This website is owned and operated by Gary Waterhouse; I specialise in creating websites and SEO (search engine optimisation). Over the past 15 years I have created many websites and optimised even more, that is why I have created www.southendtradespeople.co.uk – because I know how to get websites on the first page of Google for their specific keywords.

I live in Leigh-on-Sea but I was brought up in Southend. In 2011 I came 4th out of 300 entries in a Dragons Den type competition called “Miller on air” – run by Phillip Miller, owner of Adventure Island on Southend seafront. The prize was a £100,000 investment into your business idea; of which mine was a website called www.essextraders.co.uk – the site was all about providing vetted tradespeople to carry out professional work for an affordable cost. I made the site and it was at the top of all major search engines for 100’s of different search terms related to services I provided from the website.

The Dragons liked my idea but they said “how can you compete financially with the likes of Trustatrader and My Builder, etc? You would need a lot more than £100,000, plus you would need a team of staff to help you do everything”. “That’s why I entered the competition”, I replied, “For investment, help and guidance to go forward with my idea”. But it didn’t help my cause, I came 4th. The 3 actual winners (Was supposed to be 1 winner) were a cereal bowl that prevented your cereal from going soggy, a bike hire business on Southend seafront, and holiday package deals in Cornwall; I still think my idea was better than the winners, but I would say that, wouldn’t I.

Enough about me, let’s get back to Southend Tradespeople. As mentioned above, I know how to get websites on page one of Google for specific keywords; the reason why this is so important is because when you search Google for a tradesperson and area e.g. Carpenters Southend the results show the paying adverts at the top, underneath that you get some places adverts, then you get 10 organic results, this is where you will find in some cases, as many as 10 directories – that is the problem.

I am not saying all directories on the internet are a problem, but with some of them all you have to do to get listed on their website, is complete a simple form giving your name, address and telephone number, your advert will then appear on that directories website for keywords related to your business, which in turn ends up on Google and all other search engines as well. This is surely how “Rogue Traders” get to advertise themselves, because they don’t have to supply references or prove who they are or anything, and that’s without even thinking about if they have insurances and public liability, etc, etc.

This is where I come in, I have the optimisation and marketing skills to promote this site and get it above the directories that can house those “unscrupulous conmen” who are waiting to rip people off, either by bad workmanship, taking a deposit and not returning, or by stealing from the property whilst carrying out the work. I can help prevent this from happening to you, because all the tradespeople we work with have been checked out; they have been trading in the same name for at least 5 years, they have all the necessary insurances and they are members of their relevant trade associations where applicable, plus they have all supplied 2 references.

Not only can I provide checked out and trustworthy tradespeople from my website that is listed on page one of Google, I have also kept the pricing down for the tradespeople who do the work; the fee they pay is for the lead, there are no other charges, no admin fee, no signing up fee, no monthly fee and no % of price of job when it’s complete – unlike other directories that advertise checked out tradespeople, they do charge those mentioned costs, and that cost has got to be added to the quotes their tradespeople give out.

And to make sure you get the best quote, we give you 3 quotes for your enquiry, all you have to do is complete the enquiry form below and you will be contacted by 3 of our approved tradespeople, they will give you a quote over the phone or make an appointment to visit your premises to give you a written quote.

Thank you for reading the About Us page, and I look forward to receiving your enquiry in due course.

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