Why Use Us?

The reason why you should use us is because we have your interest at heart – www.southendtradespeople.co.uk is a site providing established tradespeople who you can trust to carry out a professional job for any enquiry. We’ve basically done the hard work for you; we’ve mustered together who we consider to be the best there is.

We cover 20 different trades, and for each of those trades we have signed up 3 top companies/sole traders who will give you a free quote for your enquiry. Their quotes will vary, but they should also be cheaper than other tradespeople on our competitors websites, because we only charge our tradespeople a standard fee per lead, unlike others who charge sign-up fees, monthly fees, management fees and 5% of the price of the job when complete. All those extra costs will be taken into consideration when they quote for the job; whereas our tradespeople don’t have those costs to bare – hence their quotes will be lower than our competitors.

Lead Suppliers

We will also advertise Southend Tradespeople on Google’s “Pay Per Clicks”, spending a percentage of our turnover to get even more enquiries. On top of that we’ll advertise on social networking sites Facebook and Twitter, plus we will have a member of our team contacting all local small and large businesses to tell them about the website and the fact that we provide checked out tradespeople at very competitive prices.

The reason why we are being marketed all over the internet is because we want everyone in Southend-on-Sea to find out about www.southendtradespeople.co.uk – it’s the new website to visit when you need any type of work carried out, domestic or commercial. You get 3 free quotes from established and checked-out companies/sole traders, and the quotes you get will be cheaper than others you may of received via our competitors, job done!

Lead Cost

We charge our tradespeople a flat fee of £10 per lead with no other costs, and if the price of the job is under £50 we don’t charge them anything.

Competitors – Lead Cost

Without mentioning names, the majority of business directories that either list or provide checked-out tradespeople, charge between £300-£1000+ per year. Some charge their tradespeople up to £70 per lead, and they have to pay that if they get the job or not. That’s on top of signing on fees and in some cases 5% of the price of the job when complete. So, the £10 per lead that we charge our tradespeople is far less than what our competitors charge their tradespeople – this has got to be taken into account when they quote for a job, someone has got to pay for all those costs; and it’s normally the customer.

MyBuilder.com & Trustatrader.com

Now let’s mention names; MyBuilder and Trustatrader – this is what it says on the BBC News site on 29th January 2018: Fraudulent tradespeople can advertise their services on two trusted trade websites without any experience, a BBC Inside Out investigation has found. After setting up a website and email address, a reporter gained a handyman profile on Rated People and MyBuilder. Follow the link for full story; www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-42783279