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Welcome to the plasterers page in Southend Tradespeople; where you get 3 free quotes for any domestic, commercial or residential plastering enquiry. Simply complete the Enquiry Form and you will be contacted by 3 of Southend-on-Sea’s most established plasterers, they’ll give you a quote over the phone or by visiting your premises to give you a written quote.

All the plastering companies and sole traders we work with have been vetted and approved, this gives our customers ‘piece of mind’ knowing they won’t be the target of a ‘rogue plasterer’ or ‘dodgy one man band’ when you use our website; you will be contacted by 3 of Southend’s most established and reputable plastering companies who you can trust to do the work. is different to other the business directory websites, because we handpick all of our tradespeople, we don’t let them sign up on the website via completing a simple form, we contact them direct and sign them up. Doing it like this allows us to research and investigate to find the best plastering companies out there; we check everything out before we approve them.

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  • Plastering; plaster installation, plaster removal, plaster replacement, plaster repairs, plaster restorations
  • Plaster Boarding; solid wall and ceiling creation, thermal plaster boarding, fire protected plaster boards
  • Wall Skimming; plaster skimming, damaged wall skimming, artex wall skimming, cracked plaster skimming
  • Ceiling Skimming; ceiling plaster skimming, damaged ceiling skimming, artex ceiling skimming and removal
  • Dry Lining; dry lining, domestic dry lining, residential dry lining, commercial dry lining, industrial dry lining
  • Exterior Plastering; exterior plaster installation, exterior plaster restoration, exterior plaster replacement

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