Customer Terms & Conditions

1 – Southend Tradespeople Ltd is not responsible for any wrong doings by our tradespeople; we are a business directory providing leads to established tradespeople who we Vetted and Approved before we signed them up – they hold all responsibility, and that is what they agree to in their terms & conditions.

2 – Although we hold no responsibility for our tradespeople, we have done everything we can do to make sure they are established and reputable tradespeople, we inspected everything before we contacted them, then they had to pass our vetting criteria before we signed them up.

3 – When you send an enquiry from the website, you will be contacted by 3 different companies or sole traders, they will all give you a free quote for your enquiry.

4 – If any case you are not happy with our tradespeople, please contact us and we will investigate the situation. Email:

Tradespeople Terms & Conditions

1 – Your company or you as a sole trader, has already been checked to make sure are the right candidate for Southend Tradespeople, we contacted you knowing you tick all the right boxes and you are suitable for the position we have on offer.

2 – At this point, if you want to sign up with us you have got to pass our vetting criteria, we then approve you as one of our members and start giving you enquiries.

3 – When we receive the enquiry from the customer, we forward it to you either by email or text message.

4 – You must respond to the enquiry straight away.

5 – The enquiry will be sent to 3 members, who all quote for the job.

6 – We charge our members £10 per lead, this is an across the board price with no hidden extras. If the price of the job is less than £50, we don’t charge anything.

7 – There is no yearly contract, you pay £10 per lead, in batches of 10 for £100. To be paid in advance via bank transfer.

8 – When you have used up 8 of your 10 leads we will send you a payment request for your next payment.

9 – If you no longer want to be a member, please let us know when we send you a payment request.

10 – You, the company or sole trader, are fully responsible for any wrong doings what so ever, it is between you and the customer if ANYTHING goes wrong, it is nothing to do with us at all. Southend Tradespeople is a business directory supplying our members with leads, we hold no responsibility for anything.